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The Client: Miller Equestrian Services




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Miller Equestrian Services needed to update their website to a mobile friendly, modern, full-width, scrollable site with fresh content and better functionality. The new site features thoughtful navigation to helps customers easily find what they are looking for and then dive in deeper if more details are needed. A fresh rebrand injects a fun and youthful personality while the tri-color scheme brings a sense of warmth, making the brand feel young, vibrant and welcoming. Photos of private and group lessons, local and national horse shows and everyday candid, showcase the deep breadth of customers, because at Miller Equestrian, everyone is welcome!

Results - The results have been incredible! At the time of launch, there were under 100 customers clicking on the Miller Equestrian website every month and now, the site is averaging 500 clicks a month. This is over 250% increase in clicks Year over Year. In addition, at the time of launch, data shows about 2,500 impressions per month (people seeing the website online but not necessarily clicking on it) and now the website is averaging 15,000 impressions a month!


Product Positioning Statement - For horseback riding enthusiasts of all ages, levels and disciplines from beginners to World Champions who enjoy working hard and having fun.

Vibrant Colors - The vibrant color scheme brings a sense of warmth, making the brand feel more adventurous, fun, enthusiastic, happy, kind and dependable

Imagery – Photos of riders of all ages and disciplines at both lessons and horse shows communicate the wide range of customers that ride here

Brand Voice - Fun, youthful, knowledgeable, witty and welcoming

Tagline - Come join us at Miller Equestrian, where we treat you and your horse like family

Website Functionality - the new website features a plethora of new functionality

  • Navigation - Navigation is focused on business lines (riding lessons, training and board, horse shows and camps & parties) as well as communications

  • Lead Generation - Added contact form and click to call to generate leads

  • Forms - Liability release form, lead generation contact form and newsletter subscriptions are all automated forms

  • Map and Directions - links to Google maps for easy one-click directions

  • FAQ's - Added Lesson FAQ's to provide more information on what to expect at a first lesson, which helps ease the anxiety for newbies

  • Upcoming Shows - Details each of the upcoming horse shows and events so planners can get them on their calendar early

  • For Sale & Lease - Focused on for sale and lease horses with links to Morgan Showcase ads

  • Social Media - links to Facebook page

  • Newsletter - automated newsletter subscription forms as well as archived newsletters

  • Inside Scoop - provides info for barn families (Academy Horse Show info and Barn Favorites)

  • SEO - Researched keywords and optimized for search and indexed with Google

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